Elms Family of Logan Co., Kentucky

Elms Family – 8 generations 186 individuals 62 marriages

Descendants of Christopher and Margaret Elms of Kentucky, Izard County Arkansas and Coryell County Texas.

Thomas Elms was the father of Nancy, Terrissa, and David M. Elms and others. Thomas was born in Virginia in 1768 and married Rossana Hadden in 1808. They had 10 children the first born in Logan County Kentucky in 1809, the next two in Butler County, Kentucky in 1811 and 1813. The 4th and 5th in 1813 (5th probably born in 1814). The remaining 5 were born in Independence County, Arkansas.

David Meeks Elms is the son of Rosanna and Thomas. David enlisted in Captain Jesse Bean’s Arkansas Mounted Rangers of the Army of the United States in 1832. This company made a tour into Oklahoma Indian Territory and was accompanied by Washington Irving who recorded it in one of his books. David Meeks Elms married Melinda Ann O’Neal in 1842. The family moved to Washington Co., Texas in 1849 where Melinda Ann’s mother had inheirited some property from her father Joseph Harbour. Sometime after August 4, 1851 they moved to Coryell County.

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