Young and Roxie Pierce Family of San Saba County, Texas

Opa and Gene Pierce
Opa and Gene Pierce

Welcome to the Young Pierce Family website. These pages are dedicated to the memory of Willie Eugene Pierce born in 1901. Gene, the seventh of Young and Roxie Pierce’s ten children, recognized the need for documenting family history and was the first to publish and distribute our story. His small pamphlet included a short narrative of the death of his grandfather at the hands of Comanche Indians as well as vital statistics of family births, marriages, and deaths.

The purpose of this site is to facilitate connections among living descendants, encourage a dialogue of family stories, document our shared history, and support frequent family reunions.

Our hope is that you will find these pages useful and interesting and in turn share your information to further extend our common family history.

We offer this information as a tool to your own research and do not represent it as the last word. Indeed much of it was obtained from family members and other researchers and is not supported by acceptable source documentation. We are happy to furnish such sources as are available and solicit your viewpoints that sometimes may differ.

Corrections, additions, recommendations, comments or shameless praises are welcome. I hope you enjoy your visit and return often.

Eldon Pierce – Albuquerque

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Note to Coryell County Texas Researchers – The Genealogy Club of Albuquerque has published newspaper indexes and other documents including some for areas other than New Mexico. Of particular interest to Pierce Family and Coryell County researchers is the first official record of Coryell Co. reproduced in it’s entirety with index. This document records the actions of the County Court from 1854 thru 1870 and is called Police Record A. Click here to read the PREFACE. Click here to read the INDEX. Click here for the Genealogy Club’s List of INDEXES AND DOCUMENTS with prices.

Click here for the History of the PIERCE FAMILY of Tennessee, Coryell and San Saba Counties, Texas.