Elms Family of Logan Co., Kentucky

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<h2 align=”center”>Descendants of Charles and James Clements</h2>
This Web Page is a genealogical record of the descendants of Andrew Clements born 1725, Gabriel Clements born 1746, Charles Clements born North Carolina 1760 and James Clements born South Carolina 1799. The data for Andrew and Gabriel was furnished by A. R. McDonald of Waxahachie and is not confirmed by other sources. Most of the remaining info is from a book entitled “The Clements Book – A History of the Family Covering a Period of 200 years” written by J. J. Bishop in July 1958. Bishop says he has convincing evidence that the father of Charles came to America with the Oglethorpe Colony which settled in Georgia in 1732. However Bishop does not say what that evidence is. Bishop gives a very thorough account of the next several generations of James Clements’ descendants. There is an interesting account of the Civil War records of Bird and Adam Clements, the two oldest sons of James. There is a peculiar twist regarding Bird Clements. Bird married a Civil War widow named Sarah (Scoggin) Pierce. Sarah’s first husband, oddly enough was also named “Bird”. Bird Pierce died in Arkansas while serving in the Confederate Army. After the war Sarah and Bird Clements were married. Bishop reports incorrectly that Bird Pierce died in a Comanche Indian raid on Sugar Loaf in 1859 when in fact it was Bird Pierce’s brother, Young Pierce who died in that Central Texas raid. Here then is some of the genealogical record of these early Texas frontier pioneers and their children.

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